Containers - We recommend renting office, warehouse and sanitary containers for various industries. The advantage of our offer is to adapt our products to the expectations and needs of our customers regarding equipment and installations, including electrical, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning and heating services.


Maintenance of portable toilets - is done in three stages: first, a specialized sewage pumping of waste, then with the help of a high-pressure apparatus of staff washes the portable toilet, and then refills with a new section of bioreactive and replenishes supplies of consumables (water, paper, etc.)

Portable toilet

A portable toilet is a completely autonomous system that is installed in places where there are difficulties with the plumbing communications, and is a complete alternative to conventional toilets that are connected to the sewer system.


Fences - we offer temporary fences that provide optimum protection where permanent fences do not work - at construction sites, mass events, road works and others.


Other - comprehensive sanitary protection may also require the use of additional portable sanitary equipment, including stand-alone washbasins or hand sanitizer stands. Their advantage is the possibility of use without connection to water supply or sewerage.

Work process

Pleasured client

Bio toilets calculation


The minimum recommended number of portable toilets is calculated with a tank capacity of 250 liters.

When drinking alcohol in the west, the recommended amount is increased by 2 times.

If cabins are used for more than 1 day, additional maintenance of the cabins is required!