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Our company established in response to the growing demand for specialized services connected with a rent and service of handheld and portable mobile toilet. We are a company that is actively developing. Our purpose it’s the constant improvement of the service quality.

The services that we give can be divided into three categories:

Long-term rent:

This rent of the mobile toilet for the period more than one month of the regular servicing sufficient for its normal functioning.

Short-term rent:

Mobile toilet rent it during mass events – concerts, festivals, etc., while providing the service during the event.

Atypical services:

This additional service what the customer needs and service of the mobile toilet which are the property of the client.

What are the mobile toilet and for what they need

  • Specialized dung car pumps out the waste.
  • The staff uses a high-pressure for washing mobile toilet.
  • Refuel mobile toilet a new portion of bioreactor (toilet paper plus water)…

Outdoor cafe

At present, a lot of outdoor cafes located in the city parks, in the streets and just in the city center. If we talk about the culture of service to visitors, it’s not useless to recall that most of these institutions are not equipped with toilets. Therefore, it’s not surprising that one of the first tenants of our mobile toilet have become the owners of these cafes because the benefits of installing mobile toilet there are obvious: First, the visitors left a favorable impression of this institution. Second, the entrance to the mobile toilet often does paid because the mobile toilet itself occupies.

Building sites

Imagine the process of building a multi-storey building. One of the workers who build, say, the fifth floor, there is a need to visit the toilet. What is he doing? Down the stairs to the first floor, overlooking the construction site, heading for the toilet-booths, facilitates your life, then in the backward direction, up to the desired floor. Very often this process is accompanied by a five minute smoke break, so, in general, those 15-20 minutes is simply thrown out of the workflow. Quite a different situation is presented if the building used bio-toilet. Specially designed for quick, easy movement, tap it easily mounts to any floor, and its tank capacity is enough for extended use. Employees structure immediately feel the benefit and convenience of this innovation, it can also increase the productivity of their labor.

Country houses, villas

When using a liquid reagent-organic origin, content of the filling tank of the bio toilet is an excellent natural fertilizer for the soil.

Mass events:

the concerts, competitions, and etc.

This is a fully autonomous system which is installed in places where there are difficulties in carrying communications plumbing, and is a complete alternative to conventional toilets that are connected to sewer systems.

Calculation of the number of toilet cubicles and service

People on the site WC cabins Service for a week
1 – 15 1 1
15 – 25 1 2
25 – 35 2 1
35 – 50 2 2
50 – 70 4 1

Calculation of the toilet cabins on short-mass public events:

The number of people Duration
1-2 hours 3-5 hours 5-12 hours More than 12 hours
100 — 300 1 2 3 3 — 4
300 — 500 2 3 3 — 4 4 — 7
500 — 700 3 4 — 5 5 — 6 7 — 9
700 — 1 000 5 6 — 7 7 — 8 9 — 13
1 000 — 1 500 7 8 — 9 9 — 10 13 — 20
1 500 — 2 000 10 11 — 12 13 — 18 20 — 27

Long objects (more than 1 month):

Name of the site Number of cabins Notes
1 Trade zones 1 for every

15 workers

+ for buyers if the trade zone exceeds 500square meter
2 Building ground and roadwork 1 for every 15 workers In a 40 hours work week
3 Markets 1 for every 15workers +1 piece per 500square meter trade area
4 Car parking 1 parking at capacity 100 a\m
5 Summer café 1 for 15 month + free cab service for staff

!Given the number of mobile toilet cabins designed, subject to a weekly maintenance.


  • the minimum recommended amount of the mobile toilet designed with the volume of 250 litres
  • the use of alcoholic beverages in the west of the recommended amount of MTC increased by 2 times l tank
  • using more than 1 day cabs must be made need for additional maintenance cabins

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